The rewards of owning commercial real estate for a small business owner can be significant.   Stop paying rent on your company’s building and buy your own.  Purchasing commercial real estate is a significant step for any small business, but at Southern Capital Funding Network, we have the expertise and financing solutions you need to purchase virtually any type of commercial property, including office buildings, shopping malls, mixed-use buildings and multi-family dwellings.




Some of our Standard Commercial Loan products include:

Commercial Bridge Loans- short-term (usually 1 to 2 years) funding to give a new commercial property owner the ability to purchase and time and money to bring a distressed property back up to traditional standards to qualify for a conventional long-term mortgage.

Commercial Property Equity Loan- mortgages taken out on your property for funds. This type of loan is a good source of financing for projects, remodels, new business ventures, or just helping out when money is scarce. Property Equity Loans are taken out in a Loan to Value (LTV) ratio, meaning the larger your equity is the larger your loan options are. With Property Equity Loans your property is used as collateral for the loan. 

Commercial Loan Modifications - For those business owners with commercial property(s) caught between a rock and a hard place, our experienced "Commercial Improvement Division" will make a no cost analysis of your situation and, if your circumstances qualify, we can probably proactively negotiate a “Commercial Loan Modification” with your present lender so you may continue to own and manage your commercial property under favorable terms.

Office, Retail, Light Industrial:
Mortgage loans from as low as $300,000 to $7 Million, Mixed Use LTV's to 70%, Special Use to 60% LTV.

Multifamily Mortgages:
Mortgages from $500,000 to $5, Million Max LTV Purchase 75%.

Small Balance Commercial Mortgages: 
$100,000 to $500,000: Max LTV 65% -70%.

Flagged Hotel: 
Mortgage loans starting at $1 million, Max LTV 55% - 60%%.

Construction and Development Loans: 
A & D as well as construction to $10 Million.

Commercial Lines of Credit:
$250,000 to $3 Million. Line secured by Accounts Receivable & Inventory. 

Funding for Purchasing a Franchise:    "S
tartup" financing for new franchised businesses.

SBA 504: 

Min $250,000 to $5 Million, Owner Occupied Real Estate, generally purchases and possibly some refinances. No Cash out. No projections must use historical cash flows. 50% Lender 1st mortgage and 40% SBA 2nd. Tougher to qualify than a SBA 7a.

- 51% or more owner occupied
- 620 Min FICO, but 660+ preferred

- 1.2 DSCR & personal DTI must cash flow
- To 90% LTV, the 10% must be personal seasoned funds

SBA 7a:  

Can use for owner occupied real estate, start ups and business only loans. The only loan product that can use projections to get approval. Possible refinances if saves 20% over present P & I payments. Possible cash out to improve business.

- 51% or more owner occupied
- Min 620 FICO, higher is much better
- 1.2 DSCR and personal DTI must cash flow
- Real estate to 90% LTV
- Business only, 80% LTV
- Business only may need cross collateralization
- Great vehicle to purchase name Franchise(s)
- Min loan $150K, Max loan $2M, but Congress may raise Max soon

USDA Business & Industrial:  

MSA population less than 50,000. $300,000, up to $10 Million. 

Great program for owner occupied purchase, machinery, equipment, FF&E and working capital in one package.

- 51% or more owner occupied
- 650 Min FICO
- 1.2 DSCR
- Real Estate 30 yr AM
- Equipment 15 year AM

- Working Capital, 7 yr AM
- Can do construction

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