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At Southern Capital Funding Network, we understand that every business if different, and has specific needs when trying to raise operating capital.  Unlike most local community banks and larger national lending institutions that can only offer SBA loans or lines of credit, we offer several capital solutions to the business owner.  Our programs are tailored specifically for the business need and purpose.  We listen to your needs and reasons for needing the working capital and then select the program that best fits your situation.  We have several capital options available in our lending inventory, and work hard to find the right program that fits your business, instead of forcing your business to fit one of our programs.


                                         Here are a few of the many capital option programs we offer:

Small Business Working Capital Loans

- Unsecured loans with absolutely no pledge of personal assets

- $5,000 up to $500,000 in as few as 24 hours

- Loans for bad credit and poor FICO scores

- Renewable working capital options available

Receivables Financing  

- Also known as Factoring, Receivables Financing is the sale and purchase of accounts receivables (invoices) for immediate cash. The typical advance rate is 80% but can be higher for certain industries.
- Factoring is not a loan therefore it will not show up on your company balance sheet, nor will it show up on credit reporting agencies.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

A commercial real estate loan is similar to a residential mortgage, except the collateral is a commercial building or other business real estate, not residential property.  Commercial real estate loans are typically taken on by businesses instead of individual borrowers. The borrower may be a partnership, incorporated business, or limited company, so assessment of the creditworthiness of the business can be more complicated than is the case with residential mortgage loans.

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