Alternative financing products provide the small business owner with loans, lines of credit, or cash advances outside of the general construct of a local community bank, credit union, or the SBA. Local banks and credit unions will continue to serve a specific segment of the market, but our alternative financing options give us the ability to provide more flexible lending options for the small business owner.

BENEFITS of alternative working capital loans:

- Unsecured loans with absolutely no pledge of personal assets
- $5,000 up to $500,000 in as few as 24 hours.

- Loans for bad credit and poor FICO scores.
- Simple paperwork.
- Renewable working capital options available.

If you are looking for a way to help your small business grow, but you are also contending with limited or no collateral, a poor credit situation, or minimal profitability, you will want to consider alternative lending. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, tax liens, or have been rejected by banks, we are here to help you get the working capital your small business needs.

How can a small working capital loan help you?

Invest in new equipment or technology: Larger operations tend to require additional equipment, tools, and technology in order to compete within their specific industry. Instead of soldiering on with your existing fleet of machines and tools, invest in newer technology to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Renovate your existing facilities: There is something alluring and inviting about new and improved retail or commercial space. Your customers can feel the difference that even a slight change in appearance makes – especially when you implement changes that improve the customer experience, enhance safety and efficiency, and improve the look and feel of the business.

Increase your marketing budget: A small business loan can help you to create new and improved marketing strategies that take advantage of all popular mediums. You can hire an Internet marketing firm to help you design an effective online profile, or you can invest in a variety of advertising buys to drive awareness of your business.

Increase your staff:  Additional capital can give you the ability to hire those additional employees your business needs to grow and move to the next level.  

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In today’s current economic environment, it’s become very difficult for many local small businesses to find the working capital they need from their local banks and other traditional lenders. Southern Capital Funding has access to dozens of alternative financing opportunities for small businesses in the form of working capital loans.