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Southern Capital Funding Network, LLC


For most small businesses, the lack of working capital is the biggest obstacle for growing the business.   That’s where Southern Capital Funding can help.  We are experts in the world of business financing and business credit, and our experienced staff makes it easy to find the capital your business needs. We work side by side with each business owner to identify how much capital they need, what program best fits their needs, and tailor a financing solution specifically for their business. We know you are very busy, and “time is money”.  At Southern Capital Funding, we pride ourselves on making it fast and easy to get the capital funding you need.   We are confident that we can find a program that is right for you and your business.  We know you work hard to grow your business.  Let us work just as hard to fund your business!

​​​We are just like you!  Southern Capital Funding Network is a small, privately owned business, and not one of those “cookie cutter” capital providers that are popping up everywhere in the market.  Unlike most large corporations, we understand the daily challenges most small business owners face.  We know what it is like when the difference between having a good month and a bad month may depend on the ability to purchase additional inventory to make that big sale, or having the ability to hire additional staff to keep up with the demand for your product.