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​                    ​​Jennie Loper

                      Managing Director -

                      Women Owned Small Business Division

Mrs. Loper is a proven small business leader with over 15 years of experience successfully building, staffing and managing small local businesses. Mrs. Loper is a respected small business leader within her community and brings extensive hands-on experience in running every facet of retail operations. In addition to her duties as a co-founder, Mrs. Loper provides mentoring to Women Owned Small Businesses.

Mrs. Loper began her small business education as a teenager working for her father’s local Army Navy Surplus store.  The evenings and weekends spent working in a small retail store environment enabled her to acquire valuable business operation knowledge from her father and gain experience in every facet of retail operations to include sales, staging, pricing, marketing, staffing, transaction management, inventory control and forecasting.  In addition, she learned a strong work ethic and what it takes to build a successful small business. Several years later, after graduating college and starting a family, Mrs. Loper began her corporate career while living in Athens, Greece as a United States Air Force dependent. She worked for 3 years as the Front Area Manager for a five-star resort hotel owned and operated by the U.S. government in Athens.  Her skills as an effective manager and business woman enabled her to supervise over 20 employees that included both U.S. citizens and Greek nationals.  During her tenure as the Front Area Manager, the hotel was selected as the top government run hotel facility in the United States Air Force European Command.

After leaving Greece, Mrs. Loper concentrated on raising a family, but several years later, re-entered the workforce part-time in a local small retail business.  Within months, she was asked to take over the management and operation of the business because of her expert management skills and business acumen.  Soon after, Mrs. Loper was approached by a local non-for profit organization to manage their local retail store.  At the time of her hire, the retail store operated in a 5,000 square foot facility, and consisted of a staff of 2 employees and dozens of volunteers.  With her expert knowledge of sales and operations, she was instrumental in growing the retail store platform over the past 10 years into a 25,000 square foot facility with over 30 full time employees and 300 plus local volunteers. Her skill as a small business manager enabled the non-for profit organization to become one of the most successful local small businesses in the area and earn a reputation as one of the most efficiently run retail stores within the community.

Mrs. Loper understands the challenges women business owners and managers face on daily basis and is often sought out by others within the business community for advice and guidance.  

She is graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Liberal Arts. 

Mrs. Loper can be contacted direclty at 800-277-2809, ext 701.  

Email:  jloper@southcapfunding.com


​                           Anthony Loper

                           Managing Partner

Mr. Loper is a proven senior executive with a 26 year accomplished career in corporate finance, mortgage banking, operations, sales and business development. He has held numerous executive positions within the banking and finance industry to include Senior Vice President - Global Home Loans & Finance, Vice President of Sales – 4ADream.com, and Vice President of Direct Lending for MEGO Mortgage Corp.  

Mr. Loper is the past President and Co-founder of New Castle Mortgage Corporation where he and his partners successfully launched a national mortgage banking platform that specialized in home equity loans to borrowers in 35 states.  

Prior to forming New Castle Mortgage Corp, Mr. Loper spent 9 years with Transamerica Financial Services.  During his tenure with Transamerica, he held several senior management positions to include Vice President – Mid-Atlantic Territory. Prior to this assignment, he served as Sr. Manager – U.K. Operations in London, England where he directed all management and administrative functions related to the operation of a 13 branch network in the United Kingdom.

Prior to his assignment in London, Mr. Loper served as a Senior District Manager in Georgia and Eastern Tennessee.  He began his management career as the Executive Branch Manager in Melbourne, Florida where he set corporate profitability and loan production records.  Mr. Loper was selected as Transamerica’s “Manager of the Year” from over 600 branch locations and was the recipient of the American Financial Services Association’s “Merit Management Award” and the Florida Financial Services “Bill Devine Award”.

Mr. Loper is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and works closely with Veteran Owned Small Business Owners to assist them in finding working capital to grow their businesses.

Mr. Loper holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies from the University of Maryland. 

Mr. Loper can be contacted directly at 800-277-2809, ext 700.

Email:  aloper@southcapfunding.com

For most small businesses, the lack of working capital is the biggest obstacle for growing the business.   That’s where Southern Capital Funding can help.  We are experts in the world of business financing and business credit, and our experienced staff makes it easy to find the capital your business needs. We work side by side with each business owner to identify how much capital they need, what program best fits their needs, and tailor a financing solution specifically for their business. We know you are very busy, and “time is money”.  At Southern Capital Funding, we pride ourselves on making it fast and easy to get the capital funding you need.   We are confident that we can find a program that is right for you and your business.  We know you work hard to grow your business.  Let us work just as hard to fund your business!

​​​We are just like you!  Southern Capital Funding Network is a small, privately owned business, and not one of those “cookie cutter” capital providers that are popping up everywhere in the market.  Unlike most large corporations, we understand the daily challenges most small business owners face.  We know what it is like when the difference between having a good month and a bad month may depend on the ability to purchase additional inventory to make that big sale, or having the ability to hire additional staff to keep up with the demand for your product.